My first experience wearing a dress and make up was at the age of ten, when my mum helped me dress up as an Indian girl for our annual school masquerade ball. Little did we know that this was my first step in a wonderful life of cross dressing!

I made my first wig out of black knitting yarn and decorated it with ribbons. My mum made me a gorgeous fringed dress and a headband, and then we painted my face with make-up. Wow!  I was the happiest and the most special girl in the whole wide world. I wished to be like this always.

Nothing has changed really - every dress up is the most liberating experience.   

Most of my adult life I lived in Perth W.A. where after completing a Diploma in Fashion, I became a premier costumier for the Western Australian Opera Company, as well as for my clients. My interrest in professional make-up grew, and completed a Diploma in Make up and Special effects, and later for 3 years I became a lecturer at the Australian college of Beauty Therapy.

Of course my cross dressing salon was the cherry on the cake, where my client's dreams became reality every day. This is why I enjoy helping men dressing in women's clothes. I understand both the fears and the joys of men wearing make-up, the frustration of trying to find women's shoes for men, and the pleasure for men wearing women's wigs.

Dress ups, fantasies, illusions, make up,- I have the expertise to provide you with an unforgettable cross dressing experience. I am the happiest when I can reveal your breathtaking feminine beauty. Your personal transformation awaits!