A Beautiful Crossdressing Experience –
Who’s That Girl?

 Arpi first experienced wearing a dress and make up at the age of ten when his mother helped him to dress up as an Indian girl for a school masquerade ball. He wore a black wig, a gorgeous fringed dress, a headband and makeup on his face. On that day he felt like the happiest, most special girl in the world and he has been enjoying the liberating experience ever since.

The Transformation Specialist

Arpi has spent most of his adult life in Perth, Western Australia, where he completed a diploma in fashion. Arpi has been a premier costumier for the Western Australian Opera Company and, after completing a diploma in makeup and special effects, Arpi became a lecturer at the Australian College of Beauty Therapy. House of Transformation was the realisation of a dream for Arpi and his clients as he navigated the fears and joys of men wearing makeup, women’s shoes, fake breasts, clothes and wigs. Arpi has the expertise to provide you with an unforgettable cross dressing experience, revealing your breathtaking feminine beauty. 

Service on the Gold Coast

Arpi’s personalised transformation service on the Gold Coast is located on the tranquil and discreet Chevron Island.
Arpi will use his expertise to make you look fabulous and will work gently to reveal the dream of any anxious beginners.
Your very special memory will stay with you forever through included photographs which can be taken on a salon camera or one of your own.
$150 for one hour and $250 for two hours. 
Please call us for a quote for an extended session.


If you are unsure about sizing please send us your measurements so we can expertly match your desired products. General rules for sizing include:
  • Shoes – We stock US ladies sizes. Simply add 3 sizes to your Australian Men’s shoe size.(e.g. an Australian Men’s 9 in a US ladies 12)
  • Bras – The most popular size is the “D” cup as they are a nice balance between shoulder line and breast proportions. We have silicone breasts, silicone augmentation, and realistic crossdressing breastforms available
  • Wigs – Adjustable for the average head size, 54-57cm or smaller
  • Panties – Usually a size smaller than your bra.

Perfect Size of Bra
 For enquires, booking or more information don’t hesitate to call! 
0408 898 480
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