At the House of Transformation we want to help you embrace your inner happiness and unleash your freedom and excitement. That’s why we offer gorgeous cross dressing services both in store and online. Cross dressing can give you a wonderful sense of emotional release and restore the happiness that you deserve.

Behind the Dresses

The House of Transformation is run by Arpi, a cross dresser of more than 30 years. Arpi happily follows a proud history of men who have worn fabulous silks, corsets, wigs, breast forms, heels and makeup. Today cross dressing is more common than ever and a few simple facts can highlight why now is the time to express your true self and feel beautiful.
  • Every month there more than 260,000 worldwide Google searches (25,000 in Australia) for information about cross dressing.
  • Cross dressing is simply men wearing women's clothes and/or fake breasts because they enjoy it.
  • There are still many cultures where men wear skirts and robes.
  • Men who like to dress in women's clothing and breastforms are called transvestites. Most men have no desire to be a woman, nor do they feel insecure in their manhood.
  • There are many "closet" cross dressers who cross dress in private, perhaps experimenting with their wife's clothes while she's out of the house.
  • Often men wear women's panties or other undergarments beneath their male clothing.
a woman wearing a dress

The Cross Dressing Experience on the Gold Coast

The House of Transformations is the ultimate makeover, male to female transformation and cross dresser shopping experience. The entire range of products including clothing, accessories, and silicone breasts is carefully selected and tested personally by Arpi. Originally based in Perth, the new cross dressing salon is now open on the Gold Coast, turning all your dress up dreams into reality. Now there is a huge following from all over Australia, so if you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin, you are only a short flight away.                                   Call now to make your appointment!

 Online Service

If you can’t make it to the Gold Coast the House of Transformations online store will start you on a fabulous cross dressing adventure. Experience personalised pleasure with the utmost discretion and privacy.
Look good, feel great and embrace happiness. Call 0408 898 480
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